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  1. The 12 Zodiac Signs: Traits, Meanings, Symbols, Colors, and More!
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The 12 Zodiac Signs: Traits, Meanings, Symbols, Colors, and More!

They are subtle, rather than direct, and are likely to reflect the moods of those around them. More about Cancer Leos are likely to express themselves in dramatic, creative and assertive ways. They are also likely to enjoy the warmth of the physical Sun. Leos have great energy, courage and honesty. They are likely to be self-confident and maybe even a bit self-indulgent as they expect to be the center of attention, and often are.

Leos can be quite determined and usually get their way when they really want to. They also possess great integrity, and are a natural leader. Virgos love work, service to others and the gathering of the fruits of the material world, as symbolized by the harvest. They are also likely to be a good conversationalist, with wide-ranging knowledge and interesting ideas. They can be analytical and perhaps overly fond of detail, with perfectionist tendencies, and they may miss out on the big picture by concentrating on the micro.

It also benefits them to learn the fine line between discrimination and criticism. More about Virgo Libra is the sign of harmony and relationship.

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The Sun in Libra is at the time of the Equinox, when day equals night, and similarly Libra strives for balance between polarities. Librans are known for their good taste, elegance and charm. They are seekers of harmony and beauty. More about Libra Scorpio is the most intense sign of the Zodiac, and is associated with sexual activity and with the symbolism of death and rebirth. Their emotions run deep. Scorpios have great personal magnetism and great powers of persuasion or even the ability to coerce others. More about Scorpio Sagittarius is an optimistic, positive-thinking sign associated with the quest for freedom from all restriction as well as idealism, religion and philosophy.

Sagittarians are direct and forthright, good-natured and affirmative in their outlook. More about Sagittarius More about Capricorn Aquarians have a rebellious nature, and are eccentric, spontaneous and original. They are forward thinking and detached, and can seem conservative though they really are not very much so. They are scientifically minded and logical, and confident in manner. More about Aquarius Pisceans are friendly and likable, and yet can be very moody and introspective as well.

Pisces is a watery sign, concerned with subtle emotions and secret mystical depths. Pisceans are not entirely at home in this world. More about Pisces Log In Join Now. Horoscopes Reports Apps Readings Support. Log in or sign up for a free account. Forgot your password? Log In. Log in with Facebook. Easy Sign Up. Chart created using TimePassages Astrology Software. Capricorn in Astrology. The mode of Capricorn is Cardinal. Get a new password sent to you.

The Sun The Sun represents the Self, one's way of being in the world. The Moon The Moon represents the personal self, the feelings and the unconscious. Mercury Mercury represents the mind and intellect, and rules Gemini, sign of duality also Virgo, and has its exaltation in Aquarius.

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Venus Venus is the planet of love and relationship. Mars Mars is the planet of outward activity and animal passion. More about Mars Jupiter Jupiter is the planet of faith, positivism and optimism. Saturn Saturn is the planet of limitation and contraction, and the trials of life experience. Uranus Uranus is the planet of freedom and revolutionary vision, the urge for change and the ability to visualize new possibilities.

Neptune Neptune represents the universal ocean of oneness with all beings.

Pluto Pluto is a force for change that can be destructive in its power. Chiron Chiron is a small planet, or 'planetoid' that was only discovered in , and which has already shown itself to be quite powerful in an individual's chart. Ceres As goddess of the harvest and the natural process of fertility and renewal, Ceres represents the process of nurturing and motherhood in an individual chart, and has been attributed to the sign Cancer as a co-ruler with the Moon, as well as to the signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo.

Pallas The astrology of the asteroid Pallas indicates the creative use of the mental faculty in combination with ageless wisdom, and is also involved with the arts, especially the plastic arts such as sculpture and pottery, and with medicinal remedies. Juno The astrology of Juno indicates partnering energy of intimate relationships, as in the more modern issues of where the boundaries are with another person, how much sharing is appropriate, versus holding back, are there issues of bitterness and jealousy, or projected authority and control onto another person, and intimacy needs in general.

Vesta In the astrology of Vesta issues of sexuality and completeness unto oneself predominate. Eris While the lower expression of Eris might manifest as the lust for struggle and violence, there is also a more positive manifestation in the most basic defense of one's rights in standing up to established power, by violence if necessary. More about Eris Haumea The astrology of Haumea seems to be related to love of the natural world and to the fecundity of natural process.

Makemake The astrology of Makemake is related to love of the natural world and to the activism associated with defending the environment. Aries Aries people tend to be energetic, forceful and outgoing. Taurus Taureans revel in the pleasures of life.

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Gemini Gemini is the sign associated with communication, logical thought processes based on duality and the conscious mind. Cancer Cancerians are nurturing and protective of others. Leo Leos are likely to express themselves in dramatic, creative and assertive ways. They're also the best sign when it comes to taking what they want in this world and hustling until they make it happen.

They're the best to start a family with, because they know how to create a stable life, they're typically gifted with a dark sense of humor and the ability to make people laugh, and they're also the best when it comes to honoring traditions, making the most Hallmark moments into meaningful memories. Now that I've gotten through the compliments section, let's get into why astrologers always ignore them.

Some Famous Capricorns That Share Your Sign!

Typically speaking, if you bring up astrology with a Capricorn, they'll tell you all the reasons they don't believe in it, which is great and all, but also, we're all just trying to have a good time, Cappy. You don't need to launch into a Ted Talk about how astrology is a pseudo science. We already know that. We're trying to relate here, human to human. Not answer the questions of the universe. You don't have to be so serious about everything.

As the woo among us get all ceremonial for this semi-annual occasion, you may feel inspired to create a ritual celebration of your own. If you're farther along on the witchy spectrum, set up an altar with crystals, incense, sage and divination cards—or maybe just settle down in a cozy nook for a candlelight journaling sesh. The extended nocturnal hours offer a bonus opportunity to close our eyes, meditate and clear away hidden blocks before going into resolution mode.

12 Zodiac Signs Reborn As Terrifying Monsters By Damon Hellandbrand

Is your journal calling? Here are a few things you can write about now, to get yourself in the headspace for the milestone-setting magic that will heat up come January 1. Do you keep finding yourself in the same old patterns, like starting relationships fully confident then, a month later, feeling as thirsty as a desert nomad? Or maybe you backtrack every time you're negotiating fees with clients or HR, never quite getting exactly what you deserve in the deal. The struggle is real, but ignoring it won't make it go away.

Capricorn is the sign of wisdom and expertise, and 'tis the astrological season to reach up the ladder for support and advice.

Areas of Expansion in 12222 for Capricorn: Privacy, Spirituality, Personality, and Body Image

Ping someone in your family or circle who's "been there, done that" and see if they'll give you advice over lunch your treat. Are you the quiet, serious one at the office but the secret stand-up comedian of your friend group? Does everyone BUT the person you're madly in love with know how truly wise and accomplished you are? We get it. It can be scary to step out boldly and fiercely. Fear of rejection, indifference or misinterpretation may be causing you to conceal your best parts.

But holding it all in is no way to live your best life! As more and more sunlight begins to paint the sky post-solstice, how about shining a light on your hidden talents? There's no trait more winning than pure authenticity. It might not boost popularity but then again, it might , but it will ensure that you don't waste another minute of your precious time on this planet messing around with people who are so wrong for you!