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Pisces (astrology)

A natural romantic, you often spend time in the realm of love and beauty. Your elemental pair is water and in fact, you are the only zodiac sign to have an adaptable relationship with the element. Your connection with water allows your words to flow with ease, which makes you a very effective communicator. Additionally, it is water that allows you immense comfort on the rocky seas of emotion.

As you gain understanding from your emotional experiences, your compassion and intuition grows.

Pisces Love Compatibility

Neptune is the planet of refinement, which explains for your innate sensitivity, compassion and inspiration. Your unique planetary influence makes you the most natural dreamer of all the Pisces Decans. From even-keeled Virgo to witty Gemini, learn what the zodiac has to say about your dream house.

Aquarians are dreamers, but they're also stubborn and focused on effecting change. Stubborn and restless, Aries want to plant their roots but still have freedom to leave whenever they need to. A one-story house in the suburbs is the perfect happy medium: You can go into the city while still having a quiet refuge to call home.

Tauruses are sure to blow through their earnings on an expensive abode, as the zodiac sign is known for having the finest taste. Make your own cozy spot, invite your close friends, and live the true Cancer dream.

February 19 Zodiac Sign

You know those articles about crazy-cool castles for sale in faraway lands? Or, you know, settle for an average-sized house with some castle-esque features.

PISCES. FEBRUARY’19. The BEST horoscope.

The emotions of the world can often be negative, and could make you feel depressed or overwhelmed from time to time. Allow yourself the same love you so willingly give to others.

Your innate sensitivity and love for humanity make you a very kind, caring, and generous individual. Others are attracted to your selflessness and ability to see the world with all- encompassing compassion and understanding. You make a delightful partner! You have a lot of love to give and have an even greater understanding of how your partner wants to be loved.

Earth signs will appreciate your sensitivity and your unwavering compassion, and will help keep you grounded with their firm grasp on reality. Water signs will understand you. They will connect with you on an intuitive, spiritual level and provide you with the deep talks you crave and domesticity you need.

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