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I try to not believe in this stuff but it all seems real. I totally agree with you James!!! We have a fun relationship always laughing and having a good time. Iguess opposites attract…. Im a sag woman that been dealing with a pisces man for a year now. Things has recently turned serious and i sure hope things last for us.

Have had one arguements, which turned into a better understanding for each other. Its been hell and high water. Ive had to give up my life as he is so needyand selfish. Wish i had left well alone but was hooked and reeled in. I gave up the love of my life another Sagittarius just before I met my now hubby. He came looking for me 2 yrs later but I was in this relationships. Wish i knew then what I know now. I think our fights is just because of our attention to each other.. Never match your life will be miserable as how water extinguish fire?

Just male love fuck and forget then it is ok for you. How is our future life? I was with a Cancer for 16 years it was a crazy relationship.. Soul mates we are. Sag woman with a Capricorn man 8 year together known each other for over 25 years.. I love him but refuse to marry him.. I am a Sag. I was married 8yrs to the first and I am ready to divorce after a year with this one. I can honestly say I have been more happier with Leo and Aries. My sunshine is scorpio nd my bf is also scorpio nd my birth date is 29 Oct nd his 17 Nov so can we make a good match for each other nd is our marriage will be possible.

Should I consider breaking up with her or try to make it work without marriage? Im a Sagittarius woman and my kids father a Capricorn. We been together for 15 yrs and all we do is argue and fight.. We in the process of separation. I have been married one and a half years to a Sagittarius man. He is a true Sag and I am a Pisces. It is hard for the Pisces woman because she is so loving and the Sag is not. They show their love in ways not always appreciated by the the Pisces.

Everything comes before the wife…sports…tv…computer…trips and cars and car shows. The Pisces wife just has to accept it or walk out.


The Sag husband never shows love except when he wants it. The Pisces wife loves him so much…but needs to know that she is not number ONE to him…he loves all his stuff because he is selfish with his self and his stuff. If she accepts this…she will do fine. My name is BrandI Reynolds. However, I met Leo and fell in love with his charm but then it started to be about him him him. I completely agree with you on Leo. I am a Sagittarius female who was in a relationship with a Leo for 20 years.

He completely drained me emotionally. Nothing was ever his fault. I recently met an awesome Pisces I absolutely love his personality. We were both so impulsive the relationship was moving on waaayyy too quick haha. Until one day I got home from his house and I was looking through my tinder just to see if he has updated any of his pics because he still had tinder on his phone.

And yep it was over as quick as it can be. But we are still friends now and I just left his ass so he can be a hoe. Sag woman here. Have married a Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio. Taurus too bossy and domineering. Virgo too picky. Scorpio too controlling and jealous…never got my need to learn and explore. Also dated a Pisces….. Dating another Sag. We can talk all night, and never get tired…nothing is off limits, no smothering, no judgement or disapproval…just keeps getting better and better.

The mental connection is really important to Sag…. Sag man, never dated a Sag women, but Aries, yes. Same here. He is so amazing,. I dont like to make any problems in our relationship.. I want him to be my husband! Is there anyone who can give me advice. I am a Leo and was married to a sagittarius which was short lived. He was very arrogant and forceful, materialistic, selfish.

Everything for him is mine and not ours. Our marriage lasted four months. I was wife number 4. The initial fire sign attraction faded out in a couple of months. She hated being committed to one person emotionally and I doubt physically too. It smothered her. Relationships seemed to smother her. She was super flirty, touchy eye contacts etc with every guy who caught her attention. Upon being confronted she would chalk it up to how independent sagis are. Sagi women are not made for long term relatiobshops or commitments for that matter.

My two cents to fellow leos…steer clear of these hypocrite sagis, maybe good for one night stands but when it comes to mareying and settling down, run the other way. They prolly wont chase you too, fortunately. This is definitely an opinion in my eyes. The first had another relationship developing when I thought we was going to. He was my first and I honestly trusted him. My other Leo was recently and I must say if he come back with no lies and able to see where I come from from emotionally I would definitely put my pride to the side and try to make it work.

I can relate! Sagittarius woman who dated Leo man for 5 years and have been single since! Idk whenre the leo above said sagi was the selfish one. We just want someone that takes the time to really communicate and b fair to each other as humans. Still talk to him but not feeling so stuck under him and not I think it was definitely a touch of control in there from him for sure. I had to move half way across the country to finally remember who I was. I think Sagittarius woman and leo men are all fire and no substance.

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Definitely sexually compatible. I can relate, im a Sagittarius.. On the flip side our sexual chemistry is Excellent I think that is what have kept us together this long….. Sagittarius woman… was married to a Capricorn, aweful combination, argued all the time, dated a Taurus…not good, dated a Virgo…not good! Have to say that this study makes sense. Think I will stick to compatible signs. I need to find someone I can understand, who understands me!

Sag woman married 13 year knowing my Capricorn husband for almost 30 years since we were kids. Pieces cheater liar and weak.. Aquarius crazy and stalker bipolar,Leo more prissy and a know it all then any woman, and virgo sneaky as hell. You have to also check your moon sign and rising sign.

This is what experts use when they advise people. Things do get crazy sometimes but I think that happens in all relationships. We have been married for 26 years now and I would never trade him for anyone else.

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I am a 66 year old Sagittarius man. I have been divorced for 30 years.

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I would love to meet a Sagittarious woman who is interested in a long-term committed relationship. Much that is said about Sagittarius rings true for me, but I have mellowed with maturity. An exclusive relationship is my desire. Exploring life with a partner, sharing deep conversations, caring for and nurturing one another, and enjoying life.

I work all the time to keep my sanity.

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Been too many times we almost called it quits. Hello David, I am a Sagittarius woman. In have been divorced 25 years. Yes, I am also wanting a friend and lover in a long- term committed relationship. That would make me happy with the right man. An exclusive relationship is also my desire. I love traveling and the out doors.

Sharing, experiencing together the joys of living. Love and laughter. I take good care of myself. And would love to care for another. Yes we do fight but not very often. She gets mad because I paid for everything when we go out on a date. But at the same time I feel very sentimental about the way she treats me. I can control them but she could go weeks to months without talking to me. I would honestly try again if she would give me another shot. I would like to know whether is it an arranged marriage or love marriage. My marriage is fixed on August 31st of this year is there any chances that it will get cancelled.

Sagittarius woman who dated Leo man for 5 years and have been single since almost 3! Idk where the leo above said sagi was the selfish one. He would kinda do what ever he wanted and I would and still am left just kinda waiting around in a sense. Still talk to him but not feeling so stuck under him. I think it was definitely a touch of control in there from him for sure. My first Love was an Aries. I actually still think about him. And a girl I really loved Gemini.

I totally can see why our signs are hard to pin down certain compatibility. While most of people I know and friends have a type. I really dont. Big, skinny. Tall, short. Anyyyy race. Anything really goes for me. But I will say one thing. My dad is a Sagittarius man, and his wife is a Capricorn. They are a terrible match I think. From an outside perspective.

I love him to death and just want to know if we are a good match? Everyone is saying no cancers are not good…but also yall want to be free and yall cheat alot….. I love hard and honestly. I dated a controlling horrible Pisces for several years. Did everything for him and his kids. I quietly left and he posted nasty things about me online, and starting sleeping with 18 year old girls. So gross!

My first real love was a Leo. He was verbally abusive also. Currently dating a Capricorn. Sigh…I feel so unwanted sometimes. Ignored, and he seems to lack compassion. We struggle in several ways. Selfish in certain areas. I have to admit the fire sign compatibility is true sexually. I also have 1 yr and about 6 mths until my degree is done. No matter who I choose I want to depend on me. Real…re: that Pisces man, can def relate. Horrible, degrading ECT I lost myself for those 4yrs married to piesces. This was my 2nd toxic relationship with a Pisces man.

Now we both refuse to let each other go, how will this play out?? I actually stay n my bdrm alot although I have a son who should have my attention more I find it hard to b around ppl outside of my rm and I give in to easily so much so I get screwed over by ppl alot and I have a hard time figuring out what it is I truly want to do when it comes to my love life and the partner in which I can enjoy the rest of my life with.

I always seem to fall for 2 ppm at the same time. I am a seg. I will be glad to get a seg. Please contact me. I am a saggittarius woman and i married a sagittarius man! We have the dream life. Money, love, understanding.. And its rare to find a dream marriage combination nowadays. I agree with you!

I have sag boyfriend and he is so perfect! I wanna keep him!! Love lots!!! I am a Sagittarius woman in love with a Leo man. If he asks me to marry him, I would. We have known each other for over 40 yrs and have been in and out other relationships but neither of us never married. He was told by some of his closest friends that he will marry me. Is it normal for sagatarius man to leave a relationship after 2 years with Aries woman. To be single for awhile. I am Cancer man i have being marrig almost 6 yrs my wife is Sagittarius, we dont have good enjoyable rest live feeling sick, really terrible.

So long i was looking the kidds future and to be passion but personally i cnt at the moment to be passion even nearly 10 tomes so far our business and everything is collapsing , ,as well as even my wife wasnt bad but i sea that we ate not suitable each other all the time something is pressuring tdown famly live.

We have 2 children and two grandchildren. During these years we had to compromise more times than I can count but in the long run it did pay off as we are now closer and more in love than ever. We are now spending the last journey of our lives supporting and loving each other which undoubtedly is the result of working out our differences for the last 51 years. I am philosophical and so is he. I love the stability this Taurus offers , he is very grounded and driven , and his Earth like attributes keeps me grounded from my day-dreams and wild expeditions.

He often lets me do what I like daily and he follows, although he has asked for more routine. Can we marry each other? Goodluck in life and love :. Im a taurus woman and i can honestly say living with my partner who is saggitarius is making me ill, really depressed and at times lectured, the more i stand up to him the worse he gets too, im considering leaving but he runs the show so much i feel like a failure. Signs who are most likely to cheat..

I am a leo male. I have been in love with a Sagittarius for about 2 years she made promises to me that she wont marry anyone else rather then me.. But a few months back she started acting wired.. We have known each other on and off for 15 years. She recently has been diagnosed with stage 1 thyroid cancer.

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We got a place together and will be taking it slow through a healing process. She said I am a strong man and her feelings are growing deep for me. I want to slip a ring on her finger. Only time will tell. I hope this gives some small incite to certain percentage of people in this situation. It is special and endearing. God Bless. Married a Leo and divorced after I also, dated capricorn 3 yrs after my divorce— worst dating experience.

He was as a user, controlling and sneaky. Maybe me want to throw in my Loyalty towel. I am Toufa from Bangladesh. I am a sagittarius woman. My lover is a Aries man. Please tell me, love marriage is possible or not for me? I am Aquarius and the guy is Sagittarius. My Birth date is January 26, and the guy is November 24 It is possible that we can get married? We have a kid together but he is now with another woman. We had so much fun together he Became my best friend. Miss him so much. Any other sag females that dated male aries? The only issue I have is that I make sometimes live in the past from my last marriage and relationship.

Leo female with Sagittarius male. We finish each other sentences a lot. He is very honest, open, and patient. Honestly God did me the best favor when he made him. I trust him. I guesa these stuff only create tension…my father is sagg and mother is virgo according to astrology they shouldnt work.. Saggys hahaha i would say one thing plz be little detail orient as i get hurt sometimes with my saggy …he forgets details on other ahnd i remember evry intch hahaha.

But I get along splendidly with Sagittarius guy. Hes waiting for me to make a decision. I sense coldness. Sag guy! If you are contemplating and can fall in love with another person after knowing the scorp guy, there is something missing. Also, sag guy is being nice and giving you the right amount of space for you to make a choice and I feel, we sag girls need our space. Also, you have a splendid time with the sag guy which you are not with the scorp guy.

You are probably confused as you know the scorp guy longer but that does not mean anything. Im a sag girl and in a 3 year relationship and counting with a scorpio guy. We are different in so many ways. A complete opposite. We argue heavily once in a while but we make up. We enjoy being together when were not biting our heads off. There are moments when I think that the relationship has gone boring and repetitive. And sometimes my head wanders to neverland. But the thing is, I tell it to my partner.

I may hurt his feelings cause im blunt but at least i dont lie.

Horoscope today: January 24, 2018

Scorpios are a bit secretive. They wont tell you anything, not until you catch them, which hurts cause its trust that i want to establish. Thats why dont get into a relationship with a scorpio unless youve equipped yourself with sherlock holmes skills. I am happily divorced for 7 years now. My daughter is a cancer and we naturally but heads constantly because I can be very frank and cold.

Being a Sagittarius, dating is difficult. We get bored easily if we are not stimulated in more ways than one but when we do find someone we feel is worthy we are loyal to a fault. Capricorn woman dating a Sagittarius man, and I love him to death as he does me. Compatibility is more than horoscopes, please remember that. Do not rely solely on horoscopes as their upbringing and background plays a role too. He and I compromise in some areas but are similar where it has to be. Please my parents forgot my dates of birthday how will I know the filed I fall into.

So I was thinking if mine birthday will fall on November and December. Any virgo woman and saggitarius man relation over here?? Am in love with a sagitarius man am a virgo woman. Donno if this can last? Okay, this is a little bit overwhelming. After reading this, I just became more confused. Also, both of them confessed to me. Seriously, what to do? Can anyone help me, please? I knew what I was getting myself into, lol but we have helped each other out i.

I help him socially and provide the spontaneity he desperately needs, and he helps keep me grounded and motivated to shoot for the stars!!! I bring him down to earth and he pulls me into the clouds, when needed! The only thing I can say is, if you guys are not getting along and you do not see where things are getting better then you may have to move on. After 6 years of hell and holding onto a relationship where we were not compatible I had to make the decision to break it off because at the end of the day we are all responsible for our happiness. The worse was my relationship with Pisces.

He was obsessive and crazy. All in all, I definitely do not get along with Virgos and especially Pisces males. I just met a Sagittarius male and I hope things will be better between us given we share similar traits. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. What Are the Smallest Cat Breeds? Are Cats and Dogs Colour-Blind? Do Cats Dream? How Fast Can a Cat Run?

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers? Do Cats Have Psychic Abilities? Do Cats Like Music? Why Do Cats Hiss? Why Do Cats Play with Water? Why Do Cats Scratch Things? Will Tom Cats Kill Kittens? Should I do cardio or weights first? Strength Training: Do I need to go to the gym, or can I get good results working out at home? Strength Training: How can I get really big without steroids? Strength Training: How Many Repetitions? Strength Training: How Many Sets? Strength Training: How should I warm up and cool down? And should I stretch before and after workouts?

Strength Training: What should I eat before and after my workout? The Chinese associate Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, with the sweet taste, yet in esoteric astrology Saturn is the planet where mental suffering is known, where the principle of limitation is brought to bear and where opportunity for growth is realized. How can these two disparate factors—sweetness and suffering—be of the same planet? Symbolically, the sweetness associated with Saturn is the sweet taste of victory, the mountaintop experience of Capricorn.

It is spiritual attainment to which we refer here. Worldly ambition and the amassing of material things shows us the path of suffering and only momentary happiness. The choice of worldly pleasures has its own bitter reward, and as we know, 'you can't take it with you'. Choices have consequences. That is ever the hard lesson of Saturn.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

On the other hand, choices also hold opportunities, which are wafted to us on the breeze of the sweet sense of a worthy goal. That is the other aspect of Saturn, the mentor and teacher of self-discipline. Both are valid paths, and both ways ultimately lead us to meet with our teachers. Saturn, via Capricorn, is the great Teacher of the zodiac. We spoke of Saturn in the last letter and the lessons and opportunities this world period will bring. Capricorn marks the path to excellence through self-discipline and right choices, and through sheer ambition and effort.

Surely in the year just taking shape we can make some choices in the community of nations that can reshape our world in a more positive manner. The opportunity before us is great. The results of failure could be disastrous. I will not be going into what I see for the world in in this letter. That will come in the Rain Dragon letter, coming next weekend. However, in times of crisis such as we face on the world stage, the excellence within us that is the soul and spirit of humanity is called forth.

The end result of the attainments in Capricorn is right human relations and a greater sense of inclusiveness, as indicated by Venus, the ultimate ruler of the sign. Let us hope this year and this interval in particular will see such possibilities manifest in the years to come. With that, let us have a look at the full moon figure for this year's Capricorn solar festival.

It is quite an interesting figure in certain respects. There is an 'easy opposition' with Mars in an applying trine with the Sun. Of particular interest, though, are two interlaced triangles of quintile-series aspects, one composed of the Moon, Uranus and Venus, and the other composed of the Sun, Uranus and Venus. Venus is thus a focal point of this very creative and potentially unstable configuration.

Quintiles are known to be significators of crises, but also to indicate gifts that come from those as well, being a very creative sort of angular series. These quintile-based triangles will bring crises and creative solutions concerning relationships of all sorts, since Venus is the focal point. The fact that Venus is the higher ruler of Capricorn is of no small moment here, as relating is so sorely needed between nations and between governments and their people at the moment.

The other thing in the figure that is of interest and which I have been taking a closer look at in recent times is a Great Cross which is formed by the full moon axis and two of the newly-named minor planets in our solar system, Haumea and Eris. There is a small informational article that is going up on my site regarding the minor planets within the next few days, as well as the compilation on Neptune that I mentioned some months ago.

These minor planets can no longer be discounted by astrologers in any form of greater astrology, especially in psychological astrology, as they have, in a manner of speaking, named themselves, and are thus now part of our social consciousness. True, they are lesser influences than the major planets, but they are Pluto-like in their activity and work toward releasing us from aspects of our individual and collective subconscious patterning and releasing us to higher vision.

Eris is the size of Pluto slightly larger and is 'the bearer of strife' from the mythology, while Haumea is an egg-shaped planet with the unique function of the release of patterns of family karma this is my take on it. In all, then, what we have in this figure is a real set-up in terms of energies—a break point.

We will see continuing crises this year, but also the seeds sown for something that can turn out to be quite beautiful in the future. I see a sort of defining crisis coming in world affairs this year, most likely in the realm of finance, though that is not difficult to guess. However, what is hidden within is a calling forth from the world's and individual troubles something of real beauty from the souls of people and humanity at large—something of true creative import. The Sabian symbols for the degrees of the luminaries are as follows:. We thus have two dynamics working out in this figure: one of accelerated growth and the taking on of responsibilities, of rising to the occasion Sun and of the ritualization of and commitment within relationships Moon.

Our teachers watch to see what we will do with this period in our history. Will we as a people and individually as well step up and take the reins we are handed? Will we commit wholeheartedly, as indicated by the marriage, to these added roles in our lives? Are we up for it? I think so, and I get the sense that things will not be so bad as some people make out this year. For instance, Europe cannot afford to let itself fail, though the privations it may and probably will have to endure will redefine its relationships.

However, that will also call out more innovative solutions to problems in that region. Though things may seem dark at times and people hang on with bated breath, really, for those souls who are keen there is a rich ground for creating future wealth, for clearing away old scores and cobwebs and for creating something very fine for the future. So, if things seem a little daunting, take up the presented opportunities with relish and commit to a new course of action.

If we are clear-headed and prudent we can transform this world, or at least our little corner of it. A colleague of mine and I were recently treated to an outing with an esteemed Tibetan geshe, who is now the resident teacher at the main Buddhist center here in Adelaide. He is a profound and very learned Buddhist scholar, but he is learning English and has taken on the task with great conviction, using every opportunity to further his study of the subject.

Thus, our outing in a way was a way for him to practice his English, and us our Tibetan, though it was good just to have the outing. It was one of those memorable times for my colleague and myself and the geshe really seemed to enjoy himself. One of his new words that he kept repeating over and over as we went around was 'ex-cel-lent', with the accent on the last syllable.

Here is a man who was once in charge of monks, now in Adelaide at the request of his teacher to carry on the work of the center, in a strange land with few students. It was a great honor for him to have accepted the posting in Adelaide. For them, however, the thought is not on the present or on themselves, but on the future and on the needs of the students, both here and at the monastery. There is a wide scope in his being here for so many, both here and at large, things which we cannot know, things which future generations will bear out.

Capricorn is about the pursuit and attainment of excellence, both worldly and spiritual, and both approaches are needed. The geshe here achieved highest honors in his studies and examinations at the monastery, then turned his back on his own progress in a manner of speaking and gave of his wisdom to his students. People at the center feel very honoured to have him as the resident teacher. That points to the other side of Capricorn—achieving the goal and then turning one's back on it in order to give of one's experience to others and for others to benefit thus in kind.

One's own ambition then becomes ambition to see others achieve their own fulfilment, and there is no nobler cause than that.