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You work hard and devote yourself to realizing your dreams. Though it leads to success, it may be difficult for you to start a relationship.

Dates: August 19 - 25

The reason for it is your desire to be independent and bent for being too critical and egoistic. You just need to show your sense of humor, devotion and friendliness to make friends. What will happen if you unite the energy of an extraordinary Aquarius and a dreamy Pisces? If you were born within the period of 15 and 21 of February, you are very artistic, peaceful, amiable and very original. You are often called eccentric and unusual because you are attracted by new experience and ideas.

You possess high intellect, but are not very good at making practical decisions. This cusp Zodiac sign can be very sociable and shy at the same time. The reason for it is that your pastime with people helps you to reduce stress, but you are also very sensitive and often prefer to be alone. But being absorbed in spiritual and philosophical matters, sometimes you can not manage daily cares. You are likely to forget about meetings, be late or lose things, because you are always thinking of making the world better.

Pisces — Aries.

Cusp dates 17 — 23 March — T he Cusp of Rebirth. If your birth date combines the energy of a dreamy and creative Pisces and an energetic Aries, you, surely, know what you would like to get. You are a good combination of dreaminess and impulsivity. You can be straightforward and impatient, but it makes you a good leader. You are able to run to your limit, take others with you and reach success.

If you develop communicative skills and become more patient, your life will be much easier. If you were born within the period of 16 — 22 of April you are real power that has to be taken into account. You are powerful and bold. You are an inborn leader who is ready to take the responsibility both at home or work. You can hardly see people doing the work that you are able to do much better, but it is due to your excessive self-confidence. Self-confidence is good, but you need to reach balance and soften your aggressive traits and respect other people.

Then a strong and sympathetic side of you will be manifested. Here the Air meets the Earth and people born on this cusp have an active life.

Astrology's Hybrids

You possess physical power and quick mind, thanks to this combination, you are stable and purposeful as well as clever and sociable. These qualities give the ability to adjust yourself to different life conditions and people and the desire to undertake a lot of new things. Another problem you should pay attention to is overeating and abuse of alcohol, because both signs like pleasure.

If you become a good listener, you will be more successful and get more friends. If you were born within the period of 17 — 23 of June, you possess a magical personality. The energy of both signs makes you an inspiring person, very interesting and free, but at the same time faithful and considerate.

People born on this cusp are bright and easy-going. You like adventures and new experience. This Zodiac cusp is very sensitive and hearty. These people give a lot of love and want to get it in return. They strive for finding their love, because without it they get depressed.

If you were born on this cusp, you are very loving, passionate and optimistic. But you will have to come across some problems. You are likely to be timid and sensitive, but then show your dramatic nature. The elements of these two signs may conflict with each other. If you are able to reach balance between the two contradictory elements water and fire , your life will be full of love. You may resort to yoga or meditation to be closer to this purpose. It will help you to be in touch with your close people and not to go inwards. If you belong to this cusp, you are very diligent, passionate, honest and aimed at success.

The signs have the opposite traits. These qualities do not always go well with each other. Born at the turn of two signs, it is hard to say which sign influences you greater. Some people of this cusp want to get a lot of attention like Leos, others are more like Virgos and prefer to lead a quiet and usual life. Despite of it, you can be called a very hard-working person who takes a passionate interest in his or her business.

If you are able to reach balance between introversion and extroversion, you will gain the rarest ability whether to express your opinion or keep silence in the right moment. An issue for this people is a relationship. Try and find balance in your life, sit back and listen occasionally instead of charging in to situations at full force. This cusp is known as The Cusp of Magic.

Born on the Leo-Virgo Cusp? Sorry, You’re Not Both Signs

You are a fun, caring and devoted person, who can sometimes struggle with your emotions. Your Gemini traits make you full of positive and fun energy, whilst your Cancer traits slow you down a little, making you thoughtful and caring.

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This combination results in a wonderful, well-rounded individual who is both light-hearted and dedicated. You crave affection and love, and without it you can become moody or depressed. Try to thicken your skin and balance your emotions, as your self-destructive thoughts and feelings can be damaging. This cusp is known as The Cusp of Oscillation. Your life can be full of ups and downs, trying to balance the sensitive Cancer side of your personality, with your expressive, theatrical Leo side. You are known to be sensitive and shy one moment, and insensitive and dramatic the next! You are full of love and devotion, you love your family and are brilliant at forming long lasting relationships and friendships.

Try and find the middle ground in your personality in order to achieve more balance and peace in your life. This cusp is known as The Cusp of Exposure.

If you are born under this cusp, you need to work hard to balance the very different traits of the two signs you were born under. The conflicting nature of these signs mean you can live a life of extremes! With these traits combined, somebody born on this cusp will thrive helping and supporting others, and will always succeed in doing so. This cusp is known as The Cusp of Beauty! People born under this sign are beautiful, and have the best of both worlds! They are both intellectual and artistic, rational yet sociable and creative.

You are somebody who loves to look after your appearance, but your quest for beauty can sometimes make you wrongly appear a little superficial. Your love for beauty extends further than just personal appearance, you are passionate about the beauty of art and nature, too.

Aside from a love of beauty and art, you also have great attention for detail and strong analytical skills, making you incredibly well balanced! This cusp is known as The Cusp of Drama and Criticism. You are a passionate combination of intellect, drive and flamboyance. You have a huge personality, and people are often drawn to you for your powerful, yet sexy and charming nature. You are somebody who loves to get to the bottom of everything, you pick situations apart until you find a solution or discover the truth.

This can drive you crazy, so try and relax and have fun! This cusp is known as The Cusp of Revolution. You are a fearless individual, with plenty of energy and strength! You must be careful to reign in your wild side at times, and instead channel your energy towards something more productive. Be careful not to be too blunt or aggressive, and balance these traits with your generous and friendly side. You love freedom and work well independently, making you somebody who will thrive best when self-employed, or when given the freedom to do your own thing.

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Prophecy. Born under this cusp? You are the perfect mix of the optimistic nature of Sagittarius, with the practical side of Capricorn. This combination makes you somebody with the ability to create wonderful dreams, and turn them into a reality. This optimism and fearlessness of Sagittarius and the hardworking, practical nature of Capricorn also means you have plenty of ambition and enjoy taking on a new project, making it successful and seeing it through to the very end.

Daily Horoscopes: September 30, - The AstroTwins

You do have a moody and impatient side to your personality, so be careful to balance this with your friendly, loyal and humorous side too. I always thought I was a cancer but I read abut zodiac signs and I found out I was born on the cusp of magic and I get it because I was like what it said. I am Gemini-Cancer cusp, a. And the dualism make all Gemincer cusp changeable like a magic!

We were made for each other in every way possible, we both have never ever been this deep in love with anyone before us.