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  4. “People with life path number 4 are very good with routine work”.

Loyal friends.

You can count on him. It is extremely reliable, will defend you with all the claws and get you out of the worst holes. He is loyal as a dog. He admires what is right, no use trying to put him to the test because he simply does not like to break the rules. Yes, a characteristic can be positive and negative.

Birthday Number in Numerology

The excessive honesty of the people born on the 4th may disrupt it. He is the super sincere, who will tell you that the man you are in love with is not for you, that the clothes you are wearing do not favor you, that your perfume is nauseating, that you liked your hair better before you cut it. Some of the truths said in a dry way can generate disagreements, and he does not even realize why the person was upset if he only told the truth.

He does not like to change his way of being, his methods, his organization, his routine. If he thinks differently from you, however mindless his reasoning may be, he does not give a shrug. He is very stubborn and does not like them to argue with his way of being.

He does not like surprises. He hates surprises and last-minute changes. Likes everything very well combined and planned in advance. He is a classic person who does not deal well with novelty, being able to be even rough with someone who tries to surprise him. He will read the entire television manual before plugging it into the wall outlet and there is no use trying to counteract it.

He makes breakfast in the same steps as always, if I were you I would not suggest changes, even if they are positive in your point of view. They do not like to show their emotions. Although they are sensitive people, they repress their feelings and do not like demonstrations of emotions. Now playing. Reminder Successfully Set! Next Story: Are you still having sex with your ex?

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Numerology Life path 4 Astrology Secrets of the deep

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Numerology 4 | Life Path Number 4 | Numerology Meanings

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Birthday Numerology

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“People with life path number 4 are very good with routine work”.

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